Peter J. Marsh–Nautical Journalist & Photographer

Welcome to my re-designed WordPress website! I am an English-born writer and traveler living in the Pacific Northwest since 1972, and in Astoria since 2002. I began writing about my American sailing adventures in 1981, then became a full-time freelancer in 1988, covering recreational and commercial boats and news. After 27 years, this continues to be my profession in 2015. In the blog on the right, you can find all my recent nautical stories–just click on a category or enter a search word.

PNW good mapMy home waters are at the mouth of the  Columbia River (at the bottom of the map); and on the Salish Sea, the protected waters that connect the state of Washington, USA and the province of British Columbia , Canada.  This is a great place to see and travel on craft of all types and sizes– from kayaks to car ferries. The number of yacht and workboat builders, naval architects etc. also makes it a national center for design and construction.

                                                                                                                       Tango Round the Horn ($14) Book on the 1942 voyage of the last U.S. windjammer.


Cycling, Hiking & Adventure Travel Writing

Picture of Peter Marsh in front of a wooden bike scuplture

Peter Marsh finds a giant wooden mountain bike in a town square in Euskadi, 2013

I have been actively involved in cycle-journalism since  1989,  when I  revived the monthly Oregon Cycling paper. I ran it successfully until 1992, when it was purchased by two bike racers from Eugene. It closed in 2006, but I continued to write for the Bike Paper in Seattle–one of the last free biking magazines. To see my bike stories, click on  “Cycling” on the right.

The Mule Packer:  my 26″ travel bike, demounts to airline size, DIY using only a saw and file.

P.S.  This website has been online since 1998, and moved to WordPress in 2014. Transferring the many stories will continue through 2015.