Commercial Maritime

U.S.C.G., Columbia Bar Pilots, Corps of Engineers, Fireboats etc.

Web Links to Magazine Stories by Peter Marsh

 NEW! Fireboat Business Heats Up in the Northwest (Pacific Maritime magazine 2014)

New Business for London Gateway’s Giant Cranes (Pacific Maritime 2014)

Eight new Cat Engines for Corps of Engineers Dredger Essayons   (Caterpillar P.R.)

Kvichak Delivers Tenth Pilot Boat to British Design (NW Yachting)

SAFE Boats Builds Coast Guard’s  25′ Response Boats (NW Yachting)

Astoria’s New Pilot Boat–Conner Foss (American Ship Review 2013)

Tokitae Charts a New Course For W.S.F.  (American Ship Review 2015)

New Scania Diesel for Tall Ship Lady Washington    (Diesel Progress)

Removal of the New Carissa by Titan Salvage (Professional Mariner)

In-Water Demolition of  Liberty Ship Davy Crockett (Professional Mariner)

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A Fast Ride Down The Oregon Coast on the prototype Coast Guard 47′ MLB  in 1991
A Visit to SAFE Boats: builders of hundreds of the ubiquitous Coast Guard 25′ response boat

Fresnel’s Lens: the Frenchman who invented the eponymous lighthouse lens
Riding the Corps of Engineers New Hydrofoil Catamarans
Cape disappointment: the first lighthouse on the West Coast
Lightships of the Washington Coast: a short history
The USS Plainview: the short service life of the US Navy’s first operational hydrofoil
How the Columbia Bar Pilots Embraced High speed Boats
How the Corps of Engineers Repaired the Columbia River South Jetty

Salvage and Shipwrecks on the West Coast

The Salvage of the New Carissa: another amazing job for Titan Salvage
The Demolition of the Liberty Ship Davy Crockett: in Camas, Washington
History of the the USLSS Station at Point Adams: wreck of the Rosecrans and Triumph
The Tsar’s Yacht? the mystery of a Russian liner that sank in Portland in WWII
The Wreck of the Vazlav Vorovsky : on the Columbia Bar in WWII
The Yorkmar: How the Salvage Chief dragged a Liberty ship off Long Beach in 1952
Fred Devine’s Salvage Chief: 60 years saving ships

Portland, Astoria and the Columbia River

The Railroad That Ran by the Tide
The Great Astoria Ferry War
The Liberty Ships: How Portland joined the war effort and became a ship-building center
The Astoria-Megler “Bridge to Nowhere”across the mouth of the Columbia River
Johnny Wolff: Pioneer Portland Motor Boat Racer
The Vogler Brothers–more famous Portland motorboat racers.
A River Runs Through Portland
Restoring Portland’s 1947 Sternwheel Steam Tug
How the Columbia Gorge Became a Top Sailing Venue
Sand Island–How an Island in the Columbia Estuary Became a Bird Refuge
No Short Cut at Kelly Point: Ignorance is no excuse when it comes to wingdams on the Columbia
“A Short History of Portland” – Mystery writer Gordon Demarco’s take on the history of Stumptown.

Commercial Fishing

Finding “The Deadliest Catch” on the Columbia River
Fishing a 30′ catamaran out of Depoe Bay, Oregon: a standard aluminum Maxcat built in Hebo!
Work Is Our Joy: film about the early years of Columbia River gillnetting
“Coming Home Was Easy:” a film about the life of salmon trollers on the NW Coast
Modern Oyster Dredge: advanced design built by J & H Boats of Astoria

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