Commercial Boat and Shipyards

Commercial Boatbuilding

The Black Ball Line Marks the MV Coho’s 50 of Service:
The World’s First Hybrid Tug–Built on the Columbia River:
Kvichak Marine: a versatile aluminum builder in Seattle
Hovercraft: a description of the 120′ hovercraft designed in the UK and built in Seattle for a village in the Aleutian Islands
Kvichak Marine–From Oil skimmers to Hovercraft! a versatile yard in Seattle
Converting Howard Hughes’ Glomar Explorer into a Drill Ship in Portland
Steyr Diesels: an introduction to the powerful Austrian monoblock engines
Fremont Tug of Seattle: meeting Mark Freeman, the founder of this popular company
A Visit to the Northern Lights: How a northwest family built an engine company from scratch
Mini-Tugs and Log Broncs:the unique NW workboats that wrangled logs into the mill pond
The evolution of the SWATH:the unique twin-hull type that has a small but dedicated following.
Western Towboat: the remarkable growth of this family-owned Seattle towing company.