Historic Voyages and Craft

 N.W. Native Craft,  Historic Ships, Replicas, Traditional Designs etc.

Tango Round the Horn: 1941-42 – The last U.S. Sailing ship Around the Horn by Larry Barber Published 1991, $14 postage paid from Peter Marsh

The Totems of the Northwest Coast
The Great Canoes: Revival of a Lost Native Art
The Native Arts Festival in Juneau, Alaska
Life on the Edge: the Indian fishing village of La Push on the Wash. coast
Chinook Jargon:  the coastal Chinook trade language of the early 1800s The Revival of the lost Native American art of canoe carving

From the Vikings to the Vietnam War

Multihulls: From the Stone Age to the New Age!

The Vikings! Re-creating history by building an authentic longship

Drake’s Bay: did Francis Drake land in Oregon?

Captain Bligh: How to become a sailing legend…

“Bligh” by Sam McKinney: A personal view of the mutiny by Portland author

Captain Cook: the greatest explorer of the Age of Navigation

Peter Puget: the Man With the Familiar Name

“Jachting”–How the Netherlands Invented the Sport
The Traditional Boats of the Shetland Islands

Better than Fiction! The life of Lord Cochrane: the model for Hornblower and Aubrey.

Fresnel’s Lens: the Frenchman who invented the eponymous lighthouse lens

Colin Archer: The Man and the Boat

The Liberty Ships: How Portland became a ship-building center overnight in WWII.

Apocalypse Later for the PBRs: Saving the last River Patrol Boats from the Vietnam War

Sailing Ships Old and New

Tango Around the Horn: the wartime voyage of America’s last windjammer
Saga of the Polar Ship Bear: the British sealer that won fame as a U.S. Arctic patrol boat
The Nitrate Clippers and the Flying P Line: the trade that built the last winddjammers
Cutty Sark: the voyages of the last of the clipper ships and its final arrival in Greenwich
The Wreck of the Peter Iredale: “the most photographed wreck in the world?” in Oregon
The Last Voyage of the Tonawanda from Washington to South Australia in 1929
The Last Voyage of the Kaiulani from Washington to South Africa in 1942
The Picton Castle Re-Born:  the story of the North Sea trawler-turned-square rigger
Down East: A vacation cruise along the Maine coast on a traditional schooner
The 130′ Schooner Zodiac–a historic vessel that sails Puget Sound all summer
Hawaiian Chieftain: a steel brigantine’s voyages around the US
The Lynx: A replica 1812 privateer schooner based in Newport, Ca.
Sail-Training Ship for S.E.A. for American Ship Review
The USCG Sail Training ship Eagle

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