Outdoor Opinions

 “Outdoor Opinions” by Peter Marsh

In the age of GPS and instant mobile communications, it is no longer feasible to be a real old-fashioned adventurer on the sea or the land. It is almost impossible to boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before, and even if you manage it, there will be a helicopter hovering overheard when you get there. Polar “explorers” face the same problem: Captain Scott froze to death and became immortal; now he would send a panicky email, be picked up in a couple of hours and sell his story to the highest bidder.


Everest–Mountain of my Dreams

Everest ’96–a Mountain of Books


Meeting Greg Lemond in 2001

The Yellow Jersey–a novel of bike racing


“Graveyard of the Pacific” too Depressing for Tourists?

The Long Strange Journey of the Gipsy Moth IV

Golden Globe–Winners and Losers

Film Shows Tragedy of Donald Crowhurst

A Tea Race With No Tea?

29′ Yacht with Max Speed of 6 Knots is not “High Performance”


What Do You See Racing Around the World Non-Stop?

The Strange Saga of the Dutch Botter Groote Beer: and Hermann Goering!

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