Recreational Boating

picture of Peter Marsh on his catamaran

A sport that infects many an unsuspecting soul who finds themselves not only sailing under all manner of conditions, but even, heaven forbid, crafting one of the vessels from a kit now and then. Or, in my own case, ceaselessly modifying one every year since you first acquired it… Happy sailing.

See below for my writing on same in several related categories.

Seattle Hydroplanes Travel to England’s Famed Lake Coniston


  • Ocean Rowing – Lessons in Futility
  • Profiles of Northwest Sailors & Yachts
  • I wrote about many boatyards that have closed their doors (some to re-appear) that I will list for the record:
    Sea Sport, Quiet Cove, Jones Goodell, Northern, Delta Yacht, Admiral, Sovereign, Royal Eagle, North Coast, Tacoma Boat, Almar, Shaw (thrice), Chuck’s Boat & Drive, St. Johns, Cascade, Metal Boat, Premier, Clippercraft, Heisley, Common Sense Kits, Mid-Jet, North River etc.

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