Ocean Racing/Record Breaking

Ocean Racing and Record Breaking

Since 1988 I’ve interviewed American racers Mike Plant, Bruce Schwab, Steve Rander, Kerry Poe and Jeff MacFarlane, Englishman Brian Thompson, Frenchmen Bertrand de Broc and Tanguy de Lamotte, and reported on nearly 50 round-the-world races or record attemptsSailing World–Jeffery MacFarlane Interview at the Mini Transat 2013

You may be wondering why a working-class guy would care about a sport traditionally dominated by the super-rich. Well, I don’t  care about the elitist, conservative side of yachting. What really grabs my attention is high-speed sailing, which has evolved by leaps and bounds since the 1960’s. Developments since 2000 have produced amazing breakthroughs in performance. How fast do you think a “boat” can sail on a short straight course? Would you believe 75 mph? Check for yourself, it was all caught on VIDEO.

World's fastest sailing craft

World’s fastest sailing craft

World Record over 500 meter run:  65.37 knots/75.23 mph/121.06 km/h— by Paul Larsen in the one-way outrigger hydrofoil Vestas Sailrocket 2 in Namibia, 24 Nov. 2012

Here are three more records: one set by a kiteboard, a couple by the 100’/30m +  giant trimarans developed in France.


Kiteboard on 500 m course: 55.65 knots/64 mph/100 km/h, Robert Douglas USA,

Around the world: 45 days in Banque Populaire V,  a 4o m /132 ft trimaran,  average speed  26.51 knots/30.5 mph/49.1 km/h,  Jan 2012.

Around the world alone: 57 days by Francis Joyons on IDEC, a 98 ft/30 m trimaran. Distance 21,600 n.miles/38,900 kms, average speed 19 knots/22 mph.

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