Sailors and Yachts

Profiles of North-West Sailors & Yachts

The 74′ Maxi Yacht Atalanta–ex Ondine III

John Guzzwell: The life of the first Englishan to sail around the world singlehanded, who became a well-known boat builder
George Calkins: The life of a famous local boat builder and sailor
The Unique Cruising Style of Portland’s Garry Weber
Dave King: Cruising & Racing in a Westsail
Carol Hasse–A Life in Sails: a profile of the founder of the leading NW loft for cruising sails
The life of Allen Farrell: Canadian boat builder, designer and advocate of simple living
“Sailing Through Time:” a coastal trip with Allen Farrell, the Canadian boatbuilder and advocate of simple living
The Strange Saga of the Dutch Botter Groote Beer: and Hermann Goering!
The Janie: The 50-year saga of a Vancouver, Wa. family and their yacht
Island Maid: how a Canadian Fish Packer Became a Real Trawler Yacht
Katie Ford: the story of a yacht built in Astoria after W.W.II
The Catalyst:the story of a 1920’s survey patrol boat converted for charters
The Seattle Hydroplane Museum–World Speed Record Boats Built in the NW