P.M.’s Multisports Career 1997-2009

“My Brilliant Career in Multisports”–

How I won a Medal in the Olympics in 2000
The First Willamette Paddle-Pedal a five-day journey down the Willamette by kayak, then back to the source by bike
The Duathlon: Double the Effort and the Satisfaction
The Big Hurt: the unofficial NW championship of adventure racing
The Subaru Gorge Games:The “Outdoor Olympics”

Interviews With Outspoken Runners and Riders

Alberto Salazar’s Guide to Running: Meeting one of America’s greatest runners and discussing his beginner’s running program (The Oregonian).
Alberto Salazar’s Guide to Racing: A guide for the competitive runner

Travel/Adventure Reviews

“Source to Sea:” Film of the first swim down the Columbia River
An Introduction to Kiteboarding for Sailing World
The Subaru Gorge Games: The “Outdoor Olympics” based in Hood River, Oregon
Rafting the Bruneau-Jarbidge Rivers (The Paddler-the national magazine for the sport)
Taking the Glacier Express:A sightseeing trip from Juneau (for the Chicago Tribune)
The Long Journey of the Gray Whale to the Lagoons of Baja
“Badlands” by Jonathan Raban – how the first farmers were convinced to settle on the dry prairies of the Great Basin
When the Railroad Leaves Town – a nostalgic tour of short-haul western railroads and the history of their decl

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