P.M.’s Mountain Climbs

My Mountaineering Page, Book Reviews

A list of my notable climbs and summits since 1971 (now totaling 30)

The Story of the 1997 Mount Fairweather Expedition
The Three Peaks of Washington: a car/bike/foot trip across Washington from peak to peak in the wake of the explorers
Climbing Mount Hood from Sea Level for my 50th birthday
Mount Rainier-From Sea Level in 48 Hours How I celebrated my 52nd birthday! (mountainzone.com)
Out of the Gorge: climbing Mount Adams from the Columbia River Gorge
The New “Mount Baker Marathon” as featured in the Bellingham Herald
St Helens From Sea Level: Biking up from the Columbia River, then hiking the St Helens volcano, in 9 hours.
From the Cactus to the Clouds: from the Salton Sea via Palm Springs to “the steepest hike in the U.S.”
Avalanche on Mt Hood: a personal survival story (Rock & Ice magazine online)

Mountaineering Book Reviews

“The Other Side of Everest” by Matt Dickenson – on the north side during the 1996 storm
“Addicted to Danger” by Jim Wickwire – the climbs, the deaths…..the excuses
National Geographic’s Everest Book – the season of ’96, plus all you ever wanted to know!
“Alaska Ascents” – the first climbs of Alaska’s great peaks
“The Mountain Never Cries” – 8 Oregon Episcopal School teenagers died on Mount Hood

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